Hi, I'm Damon Eddy.  A Realtor who loves helping individuals buy, sell, and invest in Real Estate as well as a passion for helping them invest and find clarity in their life.   
Hi, I'm Damon Eddy. I help successful real estate agents who feel their BUSINESS and LIFE is out of control to a life “balanced”, on track, and on target towards true happiness and success.

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As said above, I love helping families, individuals, and investors buy, sell, and invest in real estate.  I have been successfully doing so for over 15 years.  I also have a passion for helping individuals find clarity in their life as well.  Basically, I LOVE REAL ESTATE, LOVE PEOPLE, and LOVE HELPING IN BOTH.

Let's have a conversation and see how I can Serve You.

I would like to offer a converstaion with you. Let's connect and see how I might be able to help you in Real Estate or in Life.  Maybe both.  

So... click the link to schedule our conversation.  

It is never too late to be what you might have been. 
- George Elliot


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Winning at Work and Home Podcast #129

Winning at Home and Work Podcast #128 

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Do The Right Things Everyday Not Just Some Days

Do The Right Things Everyday Not Just Some Days. 

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💵 Start Using Cash 💵

If you want to save money 💴 you may want to consider using money. I mean the actually paper stuff not the plastic kind or the latest app. I know, not all can be paid in cash, but I am taking about the “out and about” purchases that we so often just whip out our cards with no thought of it. Well, using cash will make you think and possibly ask yourself the question “do I actually need this?” You may find out you don’t. 

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